Monday, 3 April 2017

Human Vs Alien


Human:-Hai guys I think that anybody know that how human was created on earth.So I am not explaining that.I have divide our discussion about human in some points.Thats are;

1)Traditional era:-In traditional era people were knew much more things,like-our environment,war,competition,language and language barriers etc.In the traditional people were don't know correct answers of so many things.For example they were believe in religions,god and many other impossible things.Because of this religion first world war started on 1914 and it was planned on 1906 by many major powers of the world.After the first world war they understand that  religion is not a correct thing.And they decided that they will only believe on science.And from that time many major empires were destroyed or finished of their regime from the world like-Ottoman empire,Old german empire,Mongol empire,Chinese empire etc.And the people meet with a new world including a new world order.That world order wasn't like the before days of world warI.Because when only one country was started to maintain the world war,and that country was Russia(USSR).When Russia was one of the most powerful country or empire in the world.But before the world warI we can see that there was multiple world order system.When many countries try again to make empire for them.And that countries were;German(German empire under the Adolf Hitler),Russia(After the breakup of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE,Russia was make an empire as USSR under the Vladimir Lenin),British and French empire wasn't destroyed only,but their some imperial colonies were completely independent.So now all powers are thinking about expansion of their empires again,specially German empire under the Adolf Hitler.And they were started to attack many countries of the world.And other side USSR's new leader Joseph Stalin came on the position as most powerful person of the world after the former USSR leader Vladimir Lenin.And now Vladimir Lenin thinking about new and powerful foreign policy of USSR.But Hitler was thinked about himself that he was one of the most powerful person in the world,anyone can't fight with him.But he was completely wrong that was prooved by the USSR leader Joseph Stalin;And Hitler made plan to attack on USSR and he was started that.And now USSR was on danger,so now as a leader of USSR Joseph Stalin planned to save the USSR and destroy the German empire.And Joseph Stalin announced attack on German empire.And another countries of the worl weren't ready for help to German empire and now German empire was completely alone against USSR.So Hitler's hadn't any idea that how save the German empire.So by that war world warII was already started.During the war Hitler knew that he can't won that war he was committed suicide with his girl friend or wife.When USSR was made a victory against former German empire by that war.And until today that victory day is celebrate by Russia.So after the end of the world warII,Joseph Stalin was died.So slowly slowly time was passed and that was came on the world when USSR was end.And that time was passed and now no empire regime on the world.Now world was entered a modern era.
2)Modern era:-Now world is living in a modern and free world.Where haven't any regime of empire.But problem isn't finished at the present days.Because world is in position of world warIII.And now tension is rising again by most powerful country Russia.So now is more modernized by the modern science and nuclear science.And now scientists discover a special thing,which is named Alien by the scientists.As scientists information Aliens are who are live in outer space.And they are so dangerous because they have more modernized weapons more than human.But it's really true or not,actually we don't know about it correctly.But if it's true so we are in danger.....
       Next part of this blog is coming soon...Thank you guys.Please write your comments about my blogs please.

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