Thursday, 27 October 2016

Russian history and about of Russia:
Russia is a unnatural country.Because,this country wasn't created by the people who lived there.It was created by the former Soviet leader sir Vladimir Lenin on 1918 as the Russian Federation.Russia was first created as "Moscovy".
Names of Russia:
3)Tsardom of Russia
4)Russian Empire
5)USSR(Union of soviet socialist Republic)
6)USSR(Union of Soviet sovereign Republics)
7)Russia(Russian Federation)
Russia's had many emporer.In that emporer's most powerful emporers are;Whoes were made Russia as one of the hyperpower in the world:
1) Peter The Great(Russian Empire)
2)Vladimir Lenin(USSR)
3)Joseph Stalin(USSR)
4)Vladimir Putin(Russian Federation)(Present)
So,now Russia is making new empire again.....And this mission is leading by the world's most powerful and richest person Russian president sir Vladimir Putin.He prooved it he is a mucho man and a great leader or hero of Russia.
Next part of this script is coming soon.....

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